Weezer actually putting Hurley on the cover of their new album

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Most people would agree that LOST was pretty awesome. Even though you probably didn't like its quasi-religious end, you can still look back at the years you spent with the show and think to yourself, "That was fun." 

Nobody thinks like that for Weezer, but the band is trying to change that. According to Spinner, the cover art for Weezer's forthcoming Hurley will feature little more than actor Jorge Garcia's familiar, smiling face. 

Garcia, of course, played LOST's Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, the insanely rich insane person who tried his best to turn the island into Bonnaroo. Interestingly, Weezer isn't even putting their name on the cover, perhaps because they know that most discriminating consumers would rather buy LOST-affiliated products than Weezer-affiliated ones.