Weezer signs with Epitaph

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Which is stranger: after years of disappointing whatever constitutes as a hardcore Weezer fan these days by putting out impersonal pop record after impersonal pop record, the band signs with indie label Epitaph Records, OR that they're plastering Hurley's big fat face on the cover of their new album?

Weezer, if you are asking us to contemplate the nature of consumerism, you win. After ten years of creating music that threatens no one, we thought we finally had a handle on you. Rivers was the once-tormented youth that decided to do the smart thing and extend his adult career as long as possible and make a lot of money. No judgments.

Then Weezer challenges our expectations by signing with Epitaph, the punk label founded by Bad Religion's Brett Gurewitz and made famous by Rancid (and more recently, A New Found Glory). We await their sleeves. Seriously, this is actually great news for the band, who lost creative rights under the umbrella of Geffen Records. And even if you're too jaded to believe Weezer is experiencing a Blue Album-second coming (and you would be right), it's still very refreshing, very nostalgic, and very weird news.

Via Pitchfork