Relive Christina Hendricks’ stint on MTV’s “Undressed”

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Christina Hendricks in high school yearbook photo

Remember when the Internet dug up a photo of Christina Hendricks from her high school yearbook? Of course you do, because that photo is just above this paragraph. Now, the notoriously insatiable Internet has taken the next logical step by unearthing footage from Hendricks' college-aged years.

Well, kind of. Apparently somewhere between grade school and Mad Men, Hendricks slummed it on MTV's Undressed. For those unfamiliar with the deceptively titled program, Undressed was a sort-of freeform soap opera about hip college students who, despite not having cell phones or WiFi, managed to lead provocative sex lives.

Hendricks showed up in the show's first season (1999-2000) as a seventeen-year-old Bostonian crashing at her cool aunt's apartment in Los Angeles. The video below is the first in a four-part series that follows the character's storyline. Brace yourself for funky piercings, a Sneaker Pimps song, and an incessantly rapping Puerto Rican who has "come out to LA to make it in the music biz."  

Via Gawker.