Mysterious photo of young Conan O’Brien finds its way to the Internet

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These moments make me happy that I know for certain that ridiculous photos of me are already on the Internet, because I put them there. The Live Feed posted the below photo without any sort of comment or context beyond the obvious question of, "Is that Conan O'Brien?"

And Conan himself took to Twitter to confirm that, yes, that was a photo of him at eighteen. (And thirty. And forty. According to him.) Of course, we still have no idea what the hell is going on in this little tableaux. Here are a few possibilities I've come up with:

  • Eyes Wide Shut sex party (possible theme: Queen Elizabeth Does Hawaii)
  • Dark rite to guarantee O'Brien a decent late-night slot (he should get his sacrificial offerings back, if that's the case)
  • Hazing ritual for a Harvard secret society
  • High-school graduation (what? I don't know what kind of weird shit they get into in the Boston area.)

What do you think, readers?