Sasha Grey’s pubic styling on Entourage spurs Twitter outrage

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Not that a lot of us are watching Entourage, but apparently those who remain hold strong principles on the subject of pubic hair. Salon reports that after porn star Sasha Grey appeared naked and hirsute in Sunday's episode, Twitter exploded in outrage:

Sasha Grey had an ENORMOUS fucking 70s bush. WTF

That shit was so uncalled for

did anyone else think that was disgusting. ITS 2010!

[etc, etc]

We could probably score some sociological zingers here about how porn has reshaped reality and so forth, but Grey made the key point herself in a tweeted rebuttal: "If you're curious… that's what a grown woman looks like." As a disclaimer, we at Nerve support everybody's right to style their body hair however they damn well please — growing it out or shaving it all off or whatever other hilarious variation they can think of — without commentary from Entourage fans and whoever else. Check out our debate on pubic hair here, and our two interviews with Sasha Grey here and here.