Not that a lot of us are watching Entourage, but apparently those who remain hold strong principles on the subject of pubic hair. Salon reports that after porn star Sasha Grey appeared naked and hirsute in Sunday's episode, Twitter exploded in outrage:

Sasha Grey had an ENORMOUS fucking 70s bush. WTF

That shit was so uncalled for

did anyone else think that was disgusting. ITS 2010!

[etc, etc]

We could probably score some sociological zingers here about how porn has reshaped reality and so forth, but Grey made the key point herself in a tweeted rebuttal: "If you're curious... that's what a grown woman looks like." As a disclaimer, we at Nerve support everybody's right to style their body hair however they damn well please — growing it out or shaving it all off or whatever other hilarious variation they can think of — without commentary from Entourage fans and whoever else. Check out our debate on pubic hair here, and our two interviews with Sasha Grey here and here.

Commentarium (13 Comments)

Aug 10 10 - 11:19am

Ugh. Grow up man-children of the twittersphere.

Aug 10 10 - 11:29am

people should be more outraged that Entourage is still on TV.

Aug 10 10 - 11:33am

hahaha, agree Jaybe

Aug 10 10 - 11:44am

Well if it was good enough in the 70s why isn't it good enough now? Do men just have some abnormal fixation on little girls pre-hairy mounds? Because THAT'S disgusting.

Aug 10 10 - 12:01pm

MLHD, it's an easier-to-navigate thing, not a pseudo-pedophile thing.

Aug 10 10 - 12:33pm

It was a juxtaposition to Turtle's bald-muff-diving fiasco in the same eppy.

Aug 10 10 - 12:43pm

Men insisting on women shaving and championing shaving is perverse. The women look like Barbie dolls or little girls. Of course shaved genitals is about women made to resemble little girls. Little girls are more malleable, have less experience with males and have lower expectations, being inexperienced they are more likely to believe men's lies. Women may actually insist on us taking her seriously, caring about her feelings, caring about her orgasm, insisting on being told the truth. (Even if few have encountered men capable of doing so. "Easier to navigate?" Get lost easily, do you? There has not been an increase in cunnilingus since women began to conform themselves to men's sick little shaving demands. Well guys, at least they mostly still are believing our propaganda about bigger breasts.

Aug 10 10 - 1:03pm

Uh, that Me that just posted isn't the Me you've all come to know and love (and get mildly annoyed by when he over-politicizes things like nudity). Anyway, evil clone Me, I think you're over-thinking this. I don't really care what a girl does with herself down there as long as it's hygienic, but a lot of guys prefer some level of shaving. There are girls who prefer guys shave down there too. It's just a preference.

Aug 10 10 - 1:07pm

I think its the first clever moment i've evern seen on Entourage. Was wondering why they have Sasha Gray on but not having sex with Vinnie when they show every other sex scene Vinnie has.

Aug 10 10 - 3:25pm

The silliest part of the whole outrage thing is that Sasha Grey is very much shaved in her porn scenes (I've done extensive research) - although Sasha's response is no less true for all that.

Aug 10 10 - 5:22pm

A mention of pubic hair on nerve and some self-righteous twit has to sound off on pre-pubescent girls and immature, controlling men. Whoda thunk?

Aug 10 10 - 8:25pm

What amuses me about this whole pubic hair vs. no pubic hair argument is that early erotic photographers would air brush out pubic hair because it was considered obscene. It's all social conditioning.

Aug 11 10 - 4:46pm

I heard on the radio here (in Ireland) that it was because it's apparently not legal to show a shaved pussy in the US because you can actually *see* the genitalia. Or something.

In other news, I'm a woman. I'm completely clean shaven. And it's entirely my own preference.