Viral HPOA quitter girl is, sadly, a fake

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Chive quitter girl

Yesterday, The Chive posted what appeared to be photos of a really hot piece of ass (hey, her words) who quit her job by e-mailing the entire office a series of pictures featuring her doing a point-by-point takedown of her lousy boss.

We're huge fans of The Chive and there's no reason to criticize them. We love a good prank and cheered throughout the day as they hooked another news outlet with the story. (I'm assuming, of course, that they know it's a gag — it's possible that someone else pulled this on them.) So, I want to make it expressly clear that I'm only mentioning the fact that it's a fake because, well, I don't want to look like an idiot.

-This casting notice, which itself has admittedly fake attributes, including the misspelling of the casting director, started the ball rolling in my mind

-He called her a HOPA on the phone, right? How would she have figured out that that nonexistent term meant Hot Piece Of Ass, which she even spells differently as an acronym?

-Everything's too perfect about the signs, for several reasons: everything's too neat, suggesting she wasn't rushing through 33 phrases and 33 different photos (assuming she only did one take for each, which is highly doubtful — wouldn't there be blurry ones.) It must have taken quite a bit of time (not to mention e-mail space — 33 attached pics?) — no one walked in on her in the office? And if it was her apartment, that's quite a nice setup behind her for a lowly assistant — and nice lighting.

I could go on about this all day, but it's not worth it. There's nothing about her appearance and her perfect makeup that says "this person is working toward a career as a broker," but quite a bit of a professional model air to her.

Not saying any of these can't be explained or are even pieces of evidence that it's staged, but taken altogether, it means we shouldn't get too excited that someone may have actually done this. Hey, as long as the girl is real and not a cartoon character, I'll be fine.

UPDATE: The Chive confirms the prank.