Christina Hendricks, Jimmy Fallon, and lasers combine to get you to watch the Emmy Awards

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The Primetime Emmy Awards are coming up on August 29th, and the folks at NBC have clearly realized that people need a very, very good reason to watch any award show anymore. Not every telecast is going to have Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift (topical!), or the combined awesomeness of Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, or Diana Ross feeling up Lil' Kim (best Nobel Peace Prize ceremony ever).

So how does a network get people to watch their second or third least favorite award show? Well, just throw whatever topical shit you can think of at it! Which is why NBC (with the help of this year's host, Jimmy Fallon) included in their promos two things the Internet loves: Christina Hendricks, and lasers.

Okay, NBC. You've reminded me that the cast of Mad Men will be there, so you have my attention. But may I suggest a few others things to include in upcoming promos? Try to get some: boobs, preposterous animal tricks, cursing anchormen, Betty White, RAGE EXPRESSED THROUGH CAPS LOCK, and maybe some boobs. That'll do it!