David Bowie collaborating with Lady Gaga

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According to Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger, David Bowie has collaborated on a new Lady Gaga track, "Vinyl." The Stranger points its frightened, confused, and possibly hurt readers toward a document (obtained and crookedly scanned by Max's Kansas City) that says Bowie contributed production, guitar, and vocals to the song.

Of course, disbelieving fans of the glam-rock demigod are hotly contesting the validity of the mysterious document, which suggests that its drafter, too, is seeking confirmation.

Are you that individual or corporate client who can verify the unholy union of these once-androgynous musicians? Or is it just some lucky session player whose name is also David Bowie? Or perhaps the real Bowie made a song with Beatrice S. Gaga, the English noblewoman whose honorific is a royal acknowledgement of her lifelong patronage of the arts?* Please, anything proving that this is not real.

*Not real.