Helen Mirren gives Russell Brand a much-needed bath

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Helen Mirren and Russell Brand in a bathtub

Did we really need a remake of Arthur, the Dudley Moore-led, unforgettably silly screwball comedy-romance from 1981? Probably not, but its production is affording us some amusing tidbits, including this bizarre photo of Helen Mirren giving co-star Russell Brand a much-needed bath.

Mirren has stepped in to fill the role of the butler, once played by Sir John Gielgud in an Oscar-winning performance, and her duties as an actress apparently don't cease when the director calls "Cut!" Brand Tweeted that he was having the time of his life with the Dame:

"At last. A bath from Helen Mirren. Never has getting clean been more dirty."

That's because you're filthy, Russell — no, filthy in the "covered in grime and man-stink" sense.

The Twits who follow him had a few (dumb) things to say about it too:

love, I should be in that hot tub with you , touching down! you know you`d love that

i cant believe you got mummy helen to give you a bath…legend!

haha….u should see what Katy is doing right now…or are u ??? 😉

Helen Mirren:"I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING!!!"

Brought her right back to the same scene in Caligula no doubt.