James Franco and brother Dave do adorable video interviews for “Esquire”

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James Franco is on a media blitz of sorts right now. A few weeks ago he was on the cover of New York, and now he's the focus of a lengthy Esquire portfolio. Is all of this just because of Eat, Pray, Love? Is it very advance work for Howl? Is it just because James Franco is bizarre, fascinating, and still super dreamy? I'm not sure, but who cares? I'd rather see a profile of the strange, if sometimes frustrating, Franco than something boring about, oh, I don't know, someone's new workout.

Esquire, though, had the bright idea to pair their full profile and interview of Franco with a series of five short video interviews conducted by James's just as attractive younger brother, Dave. (Though that's a bit of an overstatement — James takes control about as much as Dave does, not surprisingly.) While part of me burns — burns, I tell you! — with jealousy that this family includes two very hot, very affable young men, you really can't help but like them as you watch.

The full series is over on Esquire's site, but I've posted my favorite two below, where we find out whether or not James has ever even seen his brother act in anything, and whether he is Team Edward or Team Jacob:

Fun fact from the interview: James is reading Twilight "for a project." Make of that what you will.