Links: Poor, tiny nation develops cooler “Hulk” movie than us

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Unemployed? You're in luck, because it looks like a job just opened up in the painting-large-words industry.

Employed and buried with e-mail? At least you're not the first pers on to ever max-out their Gmail storage capacity. The event was surely the most remarkable thing to have happened in his mom's basement.

The impoverished, densely populated country of Bangladesh may not have much, but it does have something America doesn't : an entertaining Hulk movie.  

Want the world to know you're a radical activist, but think your Che Guevara t-shirt and TOMS shoes aren't enough? Update yourself with the latest trends in protest fashion.

Of course, without enterprising capitalists, there'd be little to protest. Here's a lost of the top entrepreneurs under 40. Spoiler: the Google and Facebook dudes are at the top.