Lufthansa flight breaks into a pillow fight for no reason

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Pillow fight on Lufthansa flight

A recent flight ended in crazy hilarity as one flight attendant got a bit silly with the passengers. No, I'm not talking about Steven Slater — I'm referring to one amused lady who started handing out pillows… and then, spontaneously, a pillow fight somehow broke out.

Of course, the flight didn't originate or land on American soil — "LH687 from Tel-Aviv to Frankfurt; Economy class is occupied with a few dozens of French tourists," according to a YouTube poster.

Most of the LiveLeak comments are about as idiotic as humanly possible, but there are a few decent ones:

If this was Southwest,or American, every passenger would be charged $25 a pillow throw

I thought they outlawed having fun near airplanes after 9-11.

This is the perfect opportunity to nail that little shit that was crying the whole flight

Do me a favor in the comments — is this the real deal or a fake viral video attempt?