Pittsburgh man tries to change his name to “Boomer the Dog”

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It's a great week for trying to change your name. Today, we reported how Portia de Rossi may finally be able to adopt her wife's last name due to Prop 8 being thrown out. And now we hear that a Pittsburgh man is also taking his identity-based claim to court. Gary Guy Matthews, forty-four-year-old-person, is appealing to change his name to Boomer the Dog. (It's the same exact thing!)

After years of thinking about the name change, Mr. Mathews, who is single, began the legal process early this year, which included getting his fingerprints checked through a state police criminal records database. "It took some time to work up the nerve. I treated it like a science project," he said. He filed for the name change in June.

The snarky "who is single" aside is pretty hilarious (not to poke fun at a guy who has probably had his fair share of ridicule growing up). Here's more on Matthews' strange evolution:

When he was a teen, the now 44-year-old Green Tree man became obsessed with a short-lived NBC show called "Here's Boomer," about a stray mutt that saved people in trouble. In high school other kids began to call him Boomer and he broadcast a radio show about the dog from his basement. By adulthood he was dressing as the shaggy-haired dog at conventions and parties, for the last few years in a full-sized Boomer suit made of shredded paper.

It seems pretty clear this guy had some very real difficulties during childhood that thrust him into the soft, accepting paws of his favorite TV dog, and he never really got over it. (I don't think this is going to illuminate us in twenty years and we'll see just how prejudiced society was towards guys who want to be dogs in 2010.) Anyway, poor guy.

Via The Awl via Post-Gazette