Producers Guild goes green

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In the twenty-first century tradition of everyone going green, those wasteful Hollywood suits decided to join in on the trend, which is not a trend at all, but a thing you should do anyway.

The guild compiled a huge online directory of environmentally friendly vendors and services to consult during production. And like all things eco-friendly, we imagine it will cost more. (Except Trader Joes. Go Trader Joes!)

The Green Production Guide is part of an ongoing commitment by the entertainment sector focused on advancing sustainability. In addition to the vendor site and carbon calculator, environmentally-minded leaders from around the industry have recently formed the Green Production Alliance, created to collaboratively advance sustainability in the motion picture and television industry. The Alliance is a network of industry professionals committed to advancing environmental practices in the film, television, commercial, and new media communities. The Alliance will offer a forum for sharing environmental information and ideas, developing voluntary common-use tools and resources, and providing educational and training opportunities.

It sounds like they have their work cut out for them. This is great news for the entertainment industry, which uses up way more resources than it has to, and bad news for the Steven Soderbergh Smog Factory.

Via Deadline Hollywood