Watch: Pythonesque ad for Conan’s new show

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Seems like Team Coco has been pretty busy lately. Yesterday, Conan fans were treated to a topless pic of a much younger yet equally pale version of the comedian at what looks to be the Lampoon Castle at Harvard. (Has anyone verified this yet, by the way?)

"More," the Internet said. "More!" And since the Internet usually gets what the Internet wants, a brief ad for Conan's forthcoming TBS show made it to cyberspace:

Short and sweet, the Pythonesque (arguably the silliest neologism ever) promo suggests that Conan's absurdist influences might come to the foreground of his new show, a prospect that has comedy nerds peeing their sweatpants. If you're still not sure why these people are urinating themselves, I suggest you start streaming the entirety of Flying Circus on Netflix. No rush — you have until November, when the Conan program is scheduled to debut.