New “Virgins-only” dating site, You and Me are Pure, takes off

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You And Me Are Pure virgins 40 year old

Have you heard of this virgin dating site, You And Me Are Pure? It's been around for a few months, but it just got a surprising amount of internet publicity last night and drew me to its front page this morning.

Regardless of what you think of its mission, this all-virgins online dating hub, with its justified text, horrible grammar (worse than mine, even), and general "This looks like a spam site" vibe, it needs a great deal of work if it wants anyone to take it seriously — even susceptible virgins.

A virgin person is someone who has not experienced sexual intercourse or the physical and emotional feelings associated with it and whose first sexual intercourse if it ever takes place serves as the limit to his/her innate sexual innocence, with the intercourse ranging from merely being a sexual act with long lasting impressions, to one where the innate sexual innocence is shared as the most profound expression of love in the physical form, like no other subsequent sexual acts that already lack the innate sexual innocence.

Can you slow down a minute there, bub? We're trying to be convinced to use your service, not reading a textbook on human sexuality or whatever you seem to be writing. 

Welcome to YouAndMeArePure! YouAndMeArePure is NOT a sentence just
in case you are checking for grammar. It is rather the name of our website.
The name was carefully crafted from the beginning to express that we value
both, people entering in relationships and virginity. 

I'd like to "enter in" "virginity." My apologies — that was a crude joke, but it had to be done.

Considering less than 1 in 10 women believe in saving themselves for marriage, I'd say these people have a tough sell ahead of them.