Boobs On Bikes – New Zealand’s topless parade – “falls a bit flat” this year

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Boobs on bikes 2010 -- SFW photo

For years, New Zealand's famous Boobs On Bikes parade was attacked, outlawed and ignored. Then, around the time we started trumpeting it on Scanner in mid-2008, it became a national symbol of personal freedom versus staunch conservatism. That year's parade — and its sequel last year — were tremendous successes in Auckland and other cities where it appeared as a sort of roadshow of nudity and celebration of male chauvinism.

Late last week, the 2010 version of the parade rolled into Auckland as part of its national tour… and the results were hugely disappointing.

The New Zealand Herald quipped that it "fell a bit flat this year," and they weren't just making a pun. Organizers admitted a mere 3,000 or so spectators turned out for the ride out of almost one-and-a-half million residents. A longtime fan complained that there were fewer parade participants too.

This despite more promotional dollars and the presence of porn star Nina Hartley, who, I guess, is not as well-known out that way.

Boobs on Bikes 2010 NSFW

Boobs on bike tits naked Auckland

Boobs on bikes topless girls New Zealand

Boobs on Bikes topless women

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Boobs on Bikes Parade 2010

Guess this event really did need all the controversy we helped drum up to make it happen.

All images via the Boobs on Bikes Flickr pool.