Chinese mall’s “Rage Cage” proving incredibly popular

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Rage Cage Chinese shopping mall

For the past few weeks, a Chinese shopping mall has secretly invited its all-female clientele into a private room with secondhand or otherwise unsaleable goods, hands them a weapon, and lets them go to town.

The room is laid out like a house, inviting women to zero in on the areas of their houses they despise the most (probably the kitchen, we're guessing) and giving them the baseball bat to unleash the pent-up rage.

These rage cages, though, are "No Boys Allowed." Why is that?

Mall business manager Wang Jingyu told the People's Daily that the aim is for 'women to come here to feel like they are in their own homes but without any limitations. They can break anything here.'

The Chinese may have even narrower definitions of men and women than we do — men shouldn't be angry at their homes, while women have to deal with them all day and may be suffering from some sort of cabin fever.

The common source of their frustration? Rest easy, Chinese men everywhere, relationships – perhaps surprisingly – did not top the list.

According to the People's Daily, most were bashing over job hunting and the economy. [Daily Mail]

How long before we see this in American shopping centers?

Rage in a cage in China mall