Dan Quayle’s son Ben Quayle releases terrifying political ad

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Can you be both terrifying and boring? That is the question answered by Ben Quayle's new campaign ad, and that answer is a resounding "Yes!" Quayle is running for a congressional seat in Arizona, and while his ad doesn't reach the LSD-tinged heights of Carly Fiorina's monster-sheep nightmares, there is a strange disconnect between his impassioned — if crazy — words and his complete lack of affect. Call it the "Patrick Bateman" school of campaigning:

While nothing says "intelligent political discourse" like the promise and/or threat to "knock the Hell out of" Washington, I am much more upset with his declaration that Barack Obama is the worst President in US history. Have we as a country forgotten William Henry Harrison, who managed to die of a cold he got while giving a speech for two hours in the rain without a coat? (JK — you can't get a cold from the rain. But still, that is not a strong showing, Billy.)

But anyway: Ben Quayle for Congress! He'll bore you… to death.

Via Videogum.