LeBron James hires rabbi as his spiritual, financial guide

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The rabbi as religious/financial advisor is not a new joke (or actual thing that happens), but for some reason when high-profile gentiles turn to Judaism, it never fails to illicit weird looks and maybe even some laughter. So I'll spare you TMZ's Old Testament jokes – which I wish I thought of – and get straight to Lebron meeting with a mysterious South Beach rabbi:

Rabbi Pinto — a 37 year-old-man who speaks only Hebrew — has met with all sorts of business moguls in the past … and is considered by some to be a "spiritual guide" who consults on business matters.

We're told LeBron paid in the neighborhood of 6-figures to get Rabbi Pinto to sit in on today's meeting … in which LeBron heard presentations from several "big time" retail execs. 

That's Yishayahu "Rabbi to the Stars" Pinto. While Pinto has more credo than any rabbi, say, from a Mel Brooks movie in that he only speaks Hebrew, the rabbi-mogul amalgam is still pretty weird. (Maybe that's why it's still a fertile joke.) Nonetheless, it's great that Lebron can humble himself enough to turn to spiritual guidance (and merchandising advice). Still, I find this photo very strange. Very strange.