Links: Gay marriage to start in California on Aug. 18, at least for now

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Gay marriage legalized in California

Gay men and women will officially be able to start marrying on August 18 in the state of California, at least for the time being.

This is what happens when song lyrics meet Google Maps: to get from West Philadelphia (where you were born and raised) to Bel Air, California, get in one little fight and whistle for a cab. Simple but genius.

And this is what happens when a search engine meets Calvin and Hobbes. Finally, you can search "Transmogrify" and not get boring 'ol dictionary definitions.

The inevitable Eat Pray Love zombie parody – Eat Brains Love. One undead woman's search for every brain across Italy, India, and Indonesia. 

Earlier this week, we delved into the depths of the '80s to put together the most homoerotic action movie moments of the decade. Huffpo was thinking along the same lines, with this list of homoerotic vintage ads. Great minds think alike.

And finally, do have a sneaking suspicion that your significant other is cheating? Use this handy flow chart. Because who wants to actually have a conversation?