India denies antibiotic-resistant superbug came from them

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Yesterday, we re-reported from the English paper The Guardian that an antibiotic-resistant superbug known as NDM 1 migrated from India to England in the past few months, might infect the world within ten years, in which we would all become immune to antibiotics and die of the most casual of bacterial infections. Apparently, India finds this "sensational."

The health ministry said it was unfair to link the bug to India and officials described it as "malicious propaganda".

Officials said a person could become infected with the drug-resistant bacteria anywhere in the world and it was "preventable by sound infection-prevention strategies which are followed in any good hospital".

This echoes what a very smart Nerve commenter said yesterday, that "resistant bacterial strains are always emerging. domestically there are hundreds of different drug resistant staph and entero strains resistant to almost all antibiotics…"

Apart from propagating "malicious propaganda" about the country's medical facilities, the Indian ministry seems most upset with the blow to its medical tourism industry. They're afraid people won't want travel to India for surgery anymore, mostly cosmetic, (which is how the bug is said to have traveled in the first place).

Via BBC News