Nabokov’s “Likable Rapists,” and other renamed books

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Jonathan Safran Foer as Too Soon

Ah, Friday. The weekend is impending, and you mentally clocked out of work yesterday anyway, so the last thing you want to do is mull over complex topics like "net neutrality" or "Justin Bieber." Luckily, The Rumpus has tipped us off to Dan Wilber's blog, Better Book Titles. Brilliantly simple, it takes your favorite books and gives them pithy titles that more accurately warn readers what they're getting themselves into.

We've included a number of our favorites below, so scroll away, you unproductive employee. When you're done, you should definitely go to Wilber's blog for more.

Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita as Likable Rapist

John Updike's Old People Fucking

David Foster Wallace book Infinite Jest as Too Long

Bret Easton Ellis book Less Than Zero as Kids Love Drugs

Bret Easton Ellis Imperial Bedrooms as Adults Love Drugs Also

Michael Chabon Kavalier and Clay as Gay Jewish Magicians Kill Nazis

James Joyce book One Long Sentence About Handjobs