New Zealand teen loses beauty pageant title after dying her hair

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Olivia O'Neil dyed her hair brown

Teens really need to learn that Facebook hurts more than it helps. Take the case of Olivia O’Neil, a 15-year-old New Zealand girl who just won the Miss Teen Wanganui title.

At the time she beat out her competitors, O'Neil was a harmless, unassuming blond, but then she revealed her true, terrifying nature by becoming an evil brunette.

Facebook photos surfaced of her newly dyed brown hair… and pageant organizer Barbara Osborne was incensed. "Is that a wig?" Osborne wrote. "I hope it is, don’t give me heart failure."

Olivia admitted that she had in fact dyed her blond hair dark, and said that if she wasn't allowed to dye her hair, then maybe pageant life wasn't for her. “Well you better decide, miss. Hand over your crown with an attitude like that. I’m sure someone will step into your place with manners," said Osborne, adding that O'Neil "would not go far in this world." [Yahoo!]

Miss Awesome New Zealand (I just made that up and give it to her on a permanent, honorary basis) told the local papers that "I don’t think you can tell a 15-year-old that they aren’t going to go very far in life."

While it's better O'Neil learns now that blonds get away with everything and brunettes usually get pushed to page 86 of Maxim, she does have a point: if a 15-year-old is offering patient wisdom on life and you're telling her to give back an award she won because of her hair color, you should be banned for life from working with children.