“How Do You Know,” new Paul Rudd rom-com, asks you to think about love

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The good-lookings have a new rom-com out, How Do You Know, which asks movie's core question, "How do you know when you're in love?" for lack of other things to lazily muse over at work. It's receiving some praise 'round the spheres for its resistance to typical rom-com cliches. And it's true; short of finding themselves in unlikely encounters of romantic serendipity (you can't throw the rom-com baby out the window), there aren't a whole lot of groan-worthy trailer moments. You might even like Owen Wilson's baseball buddy's condom joke the first time you hear it.

But, almost nothing seems to happen. (So it's safe to assume it will plumb the depths.) Maybe it will be like all those movies about rich families in big houses talking around dinner tables – which also appear to be about nothing – but Diane Keaton usually revives in the way that she does.


Via /Film