Scanner Highs And Lows: The early hotness of Christina Hendricks

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Orange sex



A new summer tradition at Scanner is to start off the week with a recap of the best and sexiest moments from "Mad Men" and "True Blood."

A great way to kick off any week is to learn that the great actress/comedienne Jane Lynch will be hosting SNL.

Everyone thought it was a joke at first, but Hurley really will be the cover model for the upcoming Weezer album.

We love nudity when it's a) totally normal and b) raises money for charity while breaking bizarre world records.

Even though Steven Slater now appears to be more of a "belligerent drunk" than "hero," his story is still hilariously bizarre.

It's a strange combo, but pairing Channing Tatum with Joseph Gordon-Levitt seems rather inspired, given the result.

Oh, Christina Hendricks… we knew you when.

John Belushi's life will finally get the big screen adaptation, thanks to master comedy director Todd Phillips.

And the topless Conan O'Brien photo — now this is a post we can all get behind.



It's been a few days and I've had time to get over my irritation with this proposal video, but I still have to agree with Thinkywritey's comment: "I hate public proposals and attention-whoring in the name of "romance." Now, personal proposals and actual romance? Love it."

While we still believe Steve Carell leaving "The Office" is a near-fatal blow to that NBC series, the possibility of Rhys Darby replacing him would go a long way to saving the show.

As if Revolutionary Road wasn't depressing enough as a movie, the story of how it basically broke up Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes makes it even more of a bummer.