Watch: NPR’s Radio Lab and Everynone’s awesome new short film

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To be honest, it took me longer than it should have to understand what was going on in this video. (The more depressing thing is that I finally got it right around the time "blow job" popped up. Naturally.) I thought about spelling out the point of this clip even more than I already have, but I think it's more fun if you figure it out for yourself. No one should be denied an "Ah-ha!" moment:

Blow job, blow fish, blow out… Everynone seems to traffic in this sort of visually expressive, plotless films that I lump into a category called "Things Are Cool," which contains any sort of video that records just how cool the world is when you take a moment to look at it. There are many more on their site, but one of my other favorites is Coasting, which travels from the East coast to the West coast of the US in a beautiful manner:

Via Vulture.