Twitter user manipulates his “Following” list in the cutest way imaginable

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Twitter hack bird

Twitter user Guy Dayan and graphic designer Shelly Peleg used one very clever idea, a twee bit of whimsy,  and the cooperation of some friendly strangers to create the most adorable Twitter art we've ever seen. He started by tweeting a simple request, asking if thirty of his followers would use a picture he sent them as their profile picture. Then, he chopped up the bird above and sent it out. Then, somehow, he figured out the method by which Twitter assembles your followers in the "Following" image that usually looks like this: 


Nerve's twitter feed


And made all the pieces come together like a puzzle. You can watch his quick "making of" video for more details:

As far as I can tell, this is the first instance of Twitter "Following" manipulation. Even if it's not, it's certainly not the last; if there's one thing you can count, it's the internet's proclivity for these sorts of democratic creative outbursts. If you want to see what else Guy Dayan gets up to, you can follow him here. (While you're at it, follow Nerve too!)