Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” will air tonight in black and white

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Anthony Bourdain No Reservations

Rabble-rousing punk Anthony Bourdain plans to blow your mind with tonight's No Reservations episode set in Rome. How does he intend to do this? By taking all the color out, hello. From his blog:

We were assured that ratings inevitably will plummet, and that much of our core audience will be outraged by this abominable, doomed exercise in self indulgence (and that is surely true). But I think this is our finest hour. It's what we were put on this earth for — to cause terror and confusion at the network, to alienate our fans who were beginning to feel comfortable with us, to try something that — as far as I can tell — has never been done: A full hour of food and travel television in black and white.

The episode— which is set in Rome — is meant to be a Fellini tribute, or just a way of showing off how badass he is.

From his description of the shoot afterward, it sounds pretty ambitious. They normally don't have lights, but they set up a scheme for this episode. He also claims they're usually without a sound guy, production assistants, and that they don't even think about composition as they shoot this Emmy award-winning television program because they are so DIY and hardcore. But, he may be exaggerating slightly… Episode airs at 10 pm on the Travel Channel: