Miss Universe contestants cause controversy with topless shoot

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Miss Universe sexy bodypaint topless photos

First, they came for the Miss USA girls. Now, the conservative prudes are upset about some topless and bodypainting photos on a private site we can't even locate, photos which feature Miss Universe 2010 contestants.

From the New York Post:

The beauty contest has been rapped for having its contestants strip down — with some even doffing their bikini tops — for a series of racy photos that feature them wearing little more than decorative body paint.

"It's alarming that this has been turned into a Playboy-esque masquerade," Angie Meyer, a former pageant- organization worker, complained to Fox News. "By implementing topless photos as part of the pageant process, they're putting applicants in an extremely compromising position."

Of course, the girls are thrilled to death with the photo shoot. Miss Trinidad and Tobago told PopTarts:

"They exaggerated the curves of my body; it was in no way derogatory. It was an artistic expression. It expressed liberty, freedom, sexuality. That is what Miss Universe is all about." [via]

Here's another photo of the allegedly "racy" bodypaint photos, this one featuring LaToya Woods, Miss Trinidad & Tobago 2010:

Miss Trinidad and Tobago topless photo shoot