New Yorkers read celebrities’ tweets out loud, hilariously

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Technically, it's only one celebrity, and that is Amanda Bynes. If you haven't heard, Bynes has become a sort of big-name Twitter user, between declaring her love of black men and her retirement from the acting business. (Can you even retire from something you're not doing? HEY-O! I'm kidding, she's actually in the upcoming teen comedy Easy A, a movie I desperately want to see. I'm sorry, Amanda.)

But what would her 140 character koans sound like outside of the Internet? Kind of amazing, actually. In a hilarious way. See for yourself:

Who knew that tweets you would have formerly dismissed as irrelevant and unnecessary would become so wonderful when spoken aloud? I have some nominees for future versions of this video (please let there be some):

– Kim Kardashian: Because she's a narcissist.

– Kanye West: Because he's an amusingly self-aware narcissist.

– Tila Tequila: Because she's an amusingly insane narcissist.

I wonder if this says something about people who use Twitter? (I use Twitter. It does.) Make it happen, Internet!

Via Buzzfeed.