TED usurps Harvard’s prestigious throne

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Harvard University being replaced by TED talks

The well-heeled kids at Deerfield and Roxbury Latin might be shedding a tear on their placement exams this fall: Fast Company believes that TED — the nonprofit formally known as Technology, Entertainment, and Design — is replacing Harvard (and the Ivy League in general) as the world's most prestigious education brand

The magazine argues that TED — with its conferences, talks, and easy-to-navigate site — will be the twenty-first century's top university. The article notes that the organization, which carries the tagline "Ideas Worth Spreading," freely gives the public access to the world's best minds, but without the ballooning tuition (which inflates as rapidly as the grades), centuries-old secret societies, and insufferable glee clubs that give snobby Ivory Tower types like Andy Bernard a bad name.

Andy Bernard The Office Cornell

What say you, variously educated readers? Is there any veritas to TED becoming the great equalizer? Or will exclusive-university culture continue to reign supreme?