J.D. Salinger’s toilet on eBay for $1 million (obo)

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J.D. Salinger old and unaware that his toilet will soon be sold.

It's not often that toilets come with letters of authenticity, but, then again, most toilets didn't belong to the late J.D. Salinger. Vault of Forsyth Inc. has acquired a standard plumbing fixture from the reclusive novelist's old home in Cornish, NH, and is auctioning it off for a cool 1,000,000 USD.

J.D. Salinger toilet for sale on ebay.

Or best offer, which would be quite a steal, given that the site exclaims:  "Who knows how many many of these stories were thought up and written while Salinger sat on his throne!" To further preserve the revered writer's sanctity, the sellers ensure that the most exciting toilet since Duchamp's Fountain "will come to you uncleaned," stopping just short of promising that the seat will still be warm from the nonagenarian writer's intense, toilet-based creative sessions.