Justin Long kept flashing his co-star during a movie shoot

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Justin Long and Drew Barrymore

It's your worst nightmare: your childhood crush is in your house after you've taken a shower and you accidentally drop the towel in front of her. I guess it's much worse if your childhood crush is Christina Applegate from "Married… With Obnoxious Children" and you're Justin Long, filming a scene for Going The Distance.

Of course, this being the story of our favorite hapless Drew Barrymore boyfriend, it only gets better:

"There was one scene where I go up to surprise Drew… Applegate comes around the corner, catches me in a towel. During one take… I gestured with my hand that was holding the towel to the upstairs bathroom, drop the towel, and so my boys were out there.

"We had to turn the camera around to Christina – to get her reaction. So generous giving actor that I am, I had to do exactly what I did again. And I grew up watching – who didn't have a crush on Christina, on Kelly Bundy? It was one of those surreal (moments). I found myself for a solid hour of my life showing her my cock and balls." [Starpulse]

How much you want to bet he said the last part in his best Adam Sandler voice?