Links: Christopher Hitchens on Charlie Rose, “I’d do it all over again.”

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Christopher Hitchens speaks about Cancer

In an interview with Charlie Rose, noted drinker/smoker/writer/badass Christopher Hitchens said he had no regrets about his less-than healthy habits, despite his recent esophageal cancer diagnosis. Hitchens: 1, Cancer: 0.

Jonah Hill made a guest appearance on Sesame Street to talk all-things moustaches with Elmo, including proper grooming and styling techniques; a discussion of facial-hair-related irony was surprisingly absent.

A comprehensive do’s and don’ts guide to taking the first vacation with your boy- or girlfriend. Also, don’t forget get to pack sunscreen. You never know.

So you’ve already won J.D. Salinger’s toilet on eBay, but you still need a bigger butt to do that porcelain throne justice. Luckily this certified Wican knows the perfect ass-enlargement spell for a low price of $8.95!

And last but not least, when played at one eighth its normal speed, Justin Bieber’s “U Smile” sounds like it could be an Animal Collective outtake. Don’t lie, you were thinking the same thing too.