Rates of circumcision falling sharply in the United States

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A company that analyzes health care data recently came up with some figures that showed a steep drop in the rates of circumcision in the US — down to about one-third of newborn boys from over half in 2006. These findings were presented recently at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna, where they made quite a stir. Because circumcision can help reduce the chances of contracting HIV, many organizations working to stop the spread of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, including the federal government, have been debating whether or not to endorse the procedure.

But the New York Times notes that the numbers should be taken with a grain of salt:

The numbers are based on calculations by SDI Health, a company in Plymouth Meeting, Pa., that analyzes health care data; they do not include procedures outside hospitals (like most Jewish ritual circumcisions) or not reimbursed by insurance.

So, maybe it's not quite that large of a drop. But the general trend is toward fewer, not more circumcisions every year. All of this is to say that if you're planning to rob the cradle in eighteen years or so, now you'll know what to expect.

Via Gakwer.