Watch Jenny Slate in an almost unbearably cute short film, “Marcel the Shell With Shoes On”

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SNL cast member Jenny Slate made a big splash last year for letting the F-word slip during the show (in a scene which, frankly, was dangerous to begin with because it used the word "freaking" a million times). But there is so much more to Jenny Slate. For instance, she's lent her voice to this short video that really showcases a different side of her: namely, the one made of sugar and rainbows and unicorns with perfect manicures.

The video is called Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, and is directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp. Slate provides the voice of the main character, who is literally a shell with shoes. It's so cute I feel like woodland creatures volunteered to do the sound production:

Now, for comparison, this is Jenny Slate dropping the F-bomb on live television:

I'm not sure which Slate I like more. Thankfully, I don't have to choose.

Via Videogum.