Watch: new trailer and behind-the-scenes doc for the $15,000 movie “Monsters”

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The big difference between a barrel-scraping budget horror like Blair Witch and 2010's Monsters, which was made for nearly the same price, is that Monsters looks and feels like a big budget movie. The Sundance crowd couldn't believe that a film shot in several exotic locales and laden with big (expensive, time-consuming) special FX monsters could be made so cheaply, or that the story could be so good. (One critic from /Film called it "Lost in Translation'' in a world infested by monsters.") Director Gareth Edwards produced all the high-resolution digital effects in his room. Additionally, this gorgeous indie was only manned by a three-person crew (and seemingly, all shot during twilight). Watch Edwards talk about his behind-the-scenes process. As much as we hate saying "guerilla filmmaking," it's guerilla filmmaking at its finest.

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And here's the theatrical trailer:

Via /Film