Video: 3-year-old recites a Billy Collins poem from memory

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3-year-old recites Billy Collins poetry from memory

In middle school, I was required to memorize simple pieces of poetry by people like Robert Frost and Maya Angelou and I'm pretty sure I botched at least one of those in a big way, despite hours of practice.

This three-year-old allegedly loves poetry as it is (or maybe he just loves making speeches, as I did, and his parents feed him Baudelaire and applesauce.) He's performed for his mom's camera twice, including this 33-line Billy Collins poem entitled "Litany." Let's listen in, shall we?

We're still waiting for Billy Collins to weigh in on the biggest thing to happens to his career — and that includes become a Poet Laureate of the United States — in years.

If your ovaries haven't exploded yet, you can always push them to the breaking point with the prequel, a clip of the boy dressed as Superman, reciting Tennyson's "The Eagle." Believe it.