“Ground Zero Mosque” approved, Howard Dean only person left still speaking out against it

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It took a big teary heart-to-heart with America to figure it out, but we all seem to agree: barring construction of a house of worship near a site of tragedy because of a bad public perception is a huge act of social injustice. Problem solved, Obama approved construction, some jerks are still voicing out, but "Ground Zero Mosque" Park51 is being built.

However, Howard Dean – a certain jerk whom we didn't think was a jerk at all – is still speaking out against the gross insensitivity of building a house of worship close to a place where other people, who also happen to be of the same faith, did a terrible thing. And we shouldn't have to think about that, or something. An ad hominem attack against an entire faith of people is okay as long as we're still kind of afraid of them, right? Dean thinks so.

But even Republican Ted Olson, whose wife died in 9/11, believes the house of worship and Ground Zero are two mutually exclusive things. His thoughtful and measured opinion on the matter is below: