Links: Sarah Palin continues to reimagine the English language on Twitter

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Sarah Palin Twitter Gaffe

Sarah Palin had another Twitter gaffe today, with her decidedly incorrect use of the word "cackle." In her words, "a cackle of rads" is trying to hijack feminism. It's unclear whether or not the Tweet has been refudiated.

Is your husband gay? According to Christwire – that crazy website I still secretly hope is a joke – if he listens to pop music, takes off his shirt, or does just about anything else, then the answer is yes.

Justin Long, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, tells the story of a time some tween accidentally texted him, and he proceeded to fuck with her for a matter of months. It's hilarious, weird, and kind of frightening.

The New York Times reports on the bizarre and troubling twenty-something. Why don't we own houses or have kids? The article paints a pretty bleak picture of this life stage, but it basically comes down to one thing: we don't earn enough money. I have to say, I concur.

And finally, Jenny, that brave young soul who quit her office job via white board has been revealed to be a hoax. But, she's also carved out for herself some love from the meme world.