Minnesota GOP posts YouTube video featuring “ugly Democratic women”

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Kathy Ireland is a Republican

Never known for their tasteful advertising, the party of guns, church and family took to YouTube today to let us know that Democrats are full of hairy, heinous-looking "women" and therefore should be voted out of office.

Since the GOP is about as in touch with pop culture as a billionaire who's been trapped in a cave for ten years, the producers of this video chose "She's A Lady" by Sir Tom Jones for their clip. Because only women who hate feminists are true "ladies."

Once you're tired of watching recycled images of plastic phonies like Heather Locklear and some lame country singers, skip to about 2:55 for the strains of "Who Let The Dogs?" out and some vaguely gross pictures of the First Lady of the United States making funny faces.

With the very remote possibly exception of evil idiot Megyn Kelly (okay, Angie Harmon), none of these Republican women are particularly attractive. Especially fan favorite Sarah Palin — Tina Fey with her brain and personality removed.