“Scott Pilgrim” producers create fake posters for Lucas Lee’s films

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Chris Evan's character in Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, Lucas Lee, is supposed to be a pro-skateboarder turned action-movie star (as well as one of the Evil Exes Scott must defeat in order to defeat Ramona Flowers). The movie didn't do as well as many hoped/expected this past weekend — which, as Scanner Ray pointed out, some are attributing to rampant misogyny? (I'm not sure I buy that argument because 1) lots of movies are much more obviously geared solely towards men and they do just fine and 2) if it really was the "male Twilight", wouldn't it have been, you know…successful?)

So the film didn't break any records, but I still have a certain fondness for it. And these fake promotional posters for the films of Lucas Lee are certainly not hurting:

You can see a couple more over at BuzzFeed, but I don't know if anything can beat the tagline to Action Doctor: "The good news is…you are going to live. The bad news is he is going to kill you."

Via Buzzfeed.