Teen mom arrested after posting Facebook photo of baby with bong

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Eleven-month-old holding a bong

Society, relax. As the nineteen-year-old Florida mother said on Facebook, "If u look at the picture u can see that there is no bowl in the TABACCO [sic] pipe."

The mom, Rachel Stieringer, posted the pic as an inside joke with a friend, but was reported after someone in Texas saw the photo and reported Stieringer to an abuse hotline. She was later only charged with possession of drug paraphernalia after her baby's drug test came back negative (repeat: after her baby's drug test came back negative). She posted bail for $502.

The Florida Department of Children and families is currently investigating Stieringer, which is pretty alarmist considering she "took a pic to show one [expletive] person and it was a mistake. I would never ever ever let him get high." No bowl, no drugs in the eleven-months-old's system: case closed.

Via New York Post