Wyclef Jean in hiding after death threats, awaits approval for presidental bid

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Wyclef Jean for president of HaitiAfter receiving death threats from an anonymous source, Wyclef Jean went into hiding somewhere in Haiti. The threats came after his bid to run for president of Haiti, though it won't be announced whether he's eligible to run until this Friday.

All first-round candidates (and holy shit, there are thirty of them) must meet a few requirements. They must own land in Haiti, have spent five consecutive years in the country prior to running, and retain their Haitian citizenship. Jean meets all of these. (Thankfully, owing $5 million in U.S. back taxes doesn't disqualify him.)

There's a gray area concerning his residency – how much time he spends in America vs. how much time he spends in Haiti – but the Haitian ambassador to the U.S., who is also Jean's uncle, is confident Jean will be approved.

If approved to run, Wyclef would almost certainly become the frontrunner candidate. And it looks like everyone is backing his decision to run, except for most of the Haitian ministry and a guy in his band.

Via Christian Science Monitor