Conan releasing two albums, one of them based on “Frankenstein”

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Conan O'Brien

We announced Conan's first unconfirmed album several weeks back when he dropped in on Jack White's music label/ performance space Third Man Records to play an impromptu blues show. But at that point the "live album" was just hearsay.

Now it's official: Conan O'Brien Live at Third Man is not only a go, but a vinyl-only release. In addition to the 12-inch live album available for pre-order exclusively at Third Man Records, Conan is also putting out a 7-inch "improvised spoken word record inspired by the legend of Frankenstein." Yes, all of those things. Apparently the A-side is Conan's modern interpretation of the Mary Shelley horror classic FrFFgf while the B-side features Conan chatting with Jack White. (Thankfully, it will be available for download as well.) Think of it not as a shtick-y record release but as the highest form of performance art; even if vinyl is experiencing a comeback, no one buys monster-themed 7-inches anymore.

Via Entertainment Weekly