Justin Long texted with a random tween for months just for the fun of it

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And it was so fun. Justin Long — Mac guy, on/off boyfriend of Drew Barrymore, and generally accepted standard for "cute slacker type — was on Jimmy Kimmel last night to promote his new film Going the Distance, in which he and Barrymore play a couple trying to maintain a long-distance relationship, which I imagine is kind of like their real life, which is confusing to me.

The highlight of the interview, clearly, is Long's story about the random tween who texted him by accident thinking he was her friend Eduardo. Because he was sick and bored, he decided to respond. The ensuing text conversation went on for months. The interview is below in three parts, but the good stuff gets started around the 2:15 mark.

Truly, the English language is dying. 100 years from now the only word anyone will be able to spell is "Bieber" (maybe "Jonas"), but that will be fine because it will be the only word we use besides grunts.

Via Buzzfeed.