The DIY “Star Wars” remake completed, five minute clip posted online

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Star Wars Uncut the DIY Remake video

Awhile back, a site called Star Wars: Uncut put out a call for user submissions of video remakes of the first film. They were overwhelmed by the response, and then spent countless hours meticulously editing it based on votes for the best scenes in each version. They've even posted four-and-a-half minute clip from late in their version of the film, which starts with the Vader-Kenobi showdown in the Death Star.

But it's not a done deal — they still have to get Lucas' permission to do anything whatsoever with it: 

We have a fully edited version of the movie produced, but we are working through the legal issues in order to bring that to everyone as soon as possible. 

Seeing as how its completion was announced the same week that George Lucas stated that the whole series will be on Blu Ray next year, we're going to guess they'll find him in a slightly annoyed mood.