Links: Weezer planning a Blue LP / Pinkerton tour

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How to get an advanced copy of Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom: Get elected as President of the United States.

You already knew Wu-Tang Clan was nothin’ to fuck with. So is this busker, who does an awesome version of the Wu’s classic “Protect Ya Neck.”

Ok, maybe there have been a few too many Snoop Dogg stories around recently, but he’s totally just blowing up a four-ton truck in these pictures. How could we not link to this?

Popping the chat-room cherry. The Internet is a dirty, dirty — but totally awesome — place.

And finally, Weezer are planning a Blue LP/Pinkerton tour, where they’ll play both albums over two nights in every city; in other words, our awkward inner-adolescent is unbelievably excited right now.