Which “Inception” spoof is better: “Inebriation” or “Dora the Explorer in Incepción”?

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Since Christopher Nolan's mind-bendy Inception has become the biggest movie of the summer sort of by default, it's only natural that there would be about a million spoofs on the Internet. But spoofs are a lot like sexual partners: you can never be totally sure what you're going to get until it's all over, and sometimes you realize when it's done that you just wasted three minutes.

But of all the Inception spoofs I've seen, I think the two below are the best. First, we have "Dora the Explorer in Incepción." Much like the film, none of the characters in Dora the Explorer matter except the protagonist, so they fit together quite well:

And next is the newer video, which only came out yesterday, called Inebriation. I like it because I also like drinking:

(NB: I didn't count the awesome Toy Story 3 vs. Inception mash-up, since I feel including it would muddle the concept of "spoofing," and I'd like to be very scientific about this.)

So, which Inception spoof is better, readers? Is there a different one out there you think I foolishly did not consider before choosing my top two? Let me know.

Via Buzzfeed.